Digimation anuncia "Digimation Suite"

podrá descargarse gratuitamente desde su web.

Los plugins son los siguientes (disponibilidad según versión):
  • Atomizer, which allows 3ds Max particle systems to use any 3D object as a particle.
  • Bones Pro, a powerful and easy to use skeletal deformation system.
  • Chameleon, which places textures based on the location of an animatable gizmo.
  • Clay Studio, an advanced metaball modeler.
  • DigiPeople, a collection of procedural, low-resolution mannequins.
  • Fractal Flow, which can be used to warp any image, video, or 3d object.
  • Glider, which can animate any object or particle along the surface of another object.
  • Lightning, a procedural electric arc generator.
  • MaxSculpt, advanced mesh sculpting with support for pressure sensitive tablets.
  • SandBlaster, the flexible particle system with a unique emitter and target system.
  • Spray Master, which can be used to spray geometry on, or around, other objects.
  • Tree Factory, used to generate a wide variety of trees and ground foliage.

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  1. Donde puedo encontar un tutor para el uso por ejemplo del sand blaster?